As some of you may have noticed…I’ve got a thing for wearing babies. If you haven’t noticed the it’s time for you get your head out of the dirt and have a look!



My baby wearing experience goes back to pre-first born! That’s right! Over six years ago I started learning about different carriers and wraps and learned how to use them. When my first son was born I was strapped with all sorts of knowledge! I had a Moby wrap and an Ergo Carrier. After that…well I never looked back. I’m three boys in several carriers deep and loving every moment of it. And do you know what my favorite part of all this is? Sharing my knowledge with other parents! Nothing makes me happier than to talk to a parent who says “My baby doesn’t like to be worn….I cant figure it out….it hurts my back” and then after 10 minutes of readjusting, rewrapping, and re-educating the parent and the baby walk away happy (and usually the baby has fallen asleep).

I’m working on outreach and education locally here in So. Vermont and my big picture goal is to have a community in the greater tri-state region of supporters and inquirers of baby wearing. I currently am working on building my carrier library so other parents can borrow a wrap or other type of carrier before investing the money into it blindly. These wraps and carriers are costly and you don’t want to make the wrong decision for you and your baby.

Baby Wearing International is hosting their baby wearing conference in July 2014 in Tempe, Arizona. I very much would like to go to learn more and bring back with me a wealth of knowledge and maybe a few more wraps for sharing. Below is a widget that will link you to a GOfundme page where you can donate money toward this cause if you feel so inclined to do so. I would greatly appreciated it and your money would not go wasted. Thank you so much and I hope you stay tuned for my wraphappy adventures!


Banana “Ice Cream”!

SO! Someone (My sweet beautiful friend Lydia B.)  told me I should make Banana “Ice Cream” if I was looking to eat healthy….Here is my how-to! I made it up and I must say I am pleased.


2 large frozen bananas

Vanilla soy milk ( measure for consistency)

cinnamon to taste

optional: vanilla or almond extract, a few drops to taste.


So…..Peeling frozen banana’s sucks….hugely. Your fingers will hate you if you try to peel this.  Below is a picture of how far I got with just my fingers…..


My Dad and his lovely wife bought us a set of “Forever Sharp” knives.  They can cut nails. I guess.  One thing I can say about them is that they can cut frozen bananas and thats good enough for me.  No nail cutting in my kitchen.


Still I had a hard time.  How do you freakin peel a frozen banana?! Observe the carnage.



Once you have freed your frozen bananas from their icy cocoons toss ’em in the kitchen aid or other blender/processor.  Pour in some Soy milk and sprinkle in some cinnamon.  You will be adding more soy milk and more cinnamon or not as you go to get the desired constancy and flavor. Blend on low unless you think thats just too slow…then pump it up to high. Careful though. I found that too much high action made it more frothy.


Depending on your tastes here is where you will add a few drops of your preferred extract.  As you can see I used almond. Its what I had and it was good!


Here is what the delish mixture looked like when I was done.


I’m testing out freezing it for later.  I dont know if it will be too hard to scoop or not. I shall let you know later.

******This freezes GREAT.  I plan to make it with some chocolate or other flavorings in the future.  I almost like the consistency after it is frozen! give it a try!


Here is the finished product.


Here is the tester.  Its official I swear. Thing number two is very honest and doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings.  Unless you ham it up real good then you can get him to think about maybe feeling bad.


The first bite…..

And the look says it all.  Following the look I get the baby sign for “more”…


I’d say its a go. I’ll be making this again!

Resumé 101

So. You may or may not know this about me.  I love writing, drafting and helping people with resumés and cover letters.  The truth is out.  Nothing pleases me more than a neatly organized, well worded resume selling one’s self to the throws of potential employment. 

Over the previous summer I did some free lace work as a resumé consultant and typed up a quick how-to guide for those who tremble or become nauseated at thought of having to update or create a resumé. And now for your viewing pleasure…..I gift to you….Resumé 101.

Outline of a resumé:

1. Header

2. Education OR Dependable Strengths and relevant proficiencies.

3. Experience (rather than Work history. This is best for a first resume. This will still be work history, however, employers aren’t always looking for relevant experience; They want to know what you’ve been doing when you have gaps in or not a lot of WH )

4. Education (When its is a first resume or you used the Dependable Strengths model for #2) – in this section you should include academic achievements, extracurricular activities with roles, and sport participation.

5. At the end of a resumé you can chose to, in smaller that used font size, write “References available upon request”. Everyone wants this. What this does is allow you have ample room to sell yourself.


Presentation is very important. I’ve experienced that if your resumé looks confusing or disorganized/cluttered the employer/hiring manager won’t want to even bother with attempting to read your resumé.

Watch out for simple errors and always have at least 2 sets of literate eyes proofread before emailing/sending/dropping off your resumé. I’ve seen an awesome resumé that the person was completely qualified for not even get a call for an interview because of a MAJOR typo. The person was applying to “The Birches Program” and in the cover letter mistyped and it read “The Bitches Program”. Don’t let this happen to you.

A resumé should only and always be one page. What you do when you make a two page resume is 1) Give the employer an opportunity to lose the first page that has ALL of your contact info on it. 2) Bores them. You dont want to give them too much to look at. Creates potential for loss of interest.

Cover Letters:

Then there’s always the question of the cover letter. Should I do it? Is it overkill? The answer is yes (always do one) and never (is it ever overkill). What the cover letter does is get your personality out a little, gives the employer a sample of the resumé which encourages them to want to read the resume, and of course, a chance to introduce yourself (goals, ambitions, etc)

The first sentence of the cover letter should always always detail the job you are applying for and the name of the establishment. (ex. When I found that McDonalds had a burger flipper vacancy I felt that I would be a great asset your kitchen staff. OR I’m very excited to be applying for the open IT technician position at the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital as I have been looking for an opportunity to utilize my knowledge in this field….)

Following up:

4 days after submission of your application and resumé, call them. “Hi this is Jim-Bob, I applied for the open burger flipper position. I’m just calling to see if there were any questions about my resumé.” Then if you dont hear back after that call back in 3 days, then 2, then every day. I know this makes a lot of people uncomfortable but what you are doing is putting your resume at the top of the pile.

Before your interview….know the company you are applying for. Google it. Know their website inside and out.


Beeee yourself. Be polite. Come prepared with relevant questions. Dont ask your questions until the end when they say “Do you have any questions?”. Stay confident.

Follow up after the interview:

Thank you letter. Send a copy to HR and directly to the hiring manager/s. Recall a moment that stuck out for you/them. Thank them for the opportunity to meet out of their busy schedule yadda yadda. Hand write it.

Call after four days, then 3 then two then every day until you hear back.


So now you know my big dark secret. I love resumés.


Tuesday Tutorial: Toddler Bed Bumper

So…Uhhh. My 1 1/2 year old falls out of his bed.

Wait, wait…stop gasping in disbelief at my poor parenting and continue reading.

Felix was getting dangerously close to being able to climb out of his crib. So in an attempt to save his life (which I do daily) we took one of the walls off of the convertible crib. We put a bunch of pillows down since he’s as clumsy as the rest of us…He fell out. A few times. It was mostly only scary to him, no real injuries (like that time he pulled the bread making machine on to his head….there were actually no injuries then either…it was just super scary) so I decided to come up with an intervention. Here is a step by step on making a super easy bumper for a crib sized mattress.

1) Start by putting a twin fitted sheet the long way on the side of the crib mattress that is by the wall. It doesnt fit perfect so don’t kill your self over it. The corners will flip off as you go. Just slide the elastic down.

Twin sized fitted sheet

2) Some of the pictures may be a little blurry. See picture from step one to see why….SO!! Next grab a few lap/throw blankets. This will take some trial and error to get the right thickness, which is all preference. I have a thick double fleece blanket I use for the outside and two small blankets laid down in the middle of the “outside” blanket


3) Next you will roll the blankets up together. The brown blanket you see below is the other side of the blue puppy blanket.

Rolled up blanket

4) Now place the rolled up blankets under the fitted sheet. With the excess fitted sheet roll under the blanket roll and wrap over the top of the blanket roll but under the fitted sheet. Confused? Just wrap the sheet around…you’ll see what I mean. I guess this is a good point to mention fabric choice. I like to use jersey cotton because my boys sweat. That means that its more stretchy. Try different fabrics to see what works for your family.

Roll under the other side of the fitted sheet

5) Now you will want to put your crib mattress fitted sheet on over the twin fitted sheet and blanket. As mentioned in the last step, I use jersey cotton so its stretchy. This may be the only step you may find you have a difficult time. I would suggest putting the corners closest to the wall on first. Be sure to leave the mattress showing like pictured for re-adjustments.crib mattress fitted sheet

close up

6) Make the bed how ever you make it and enjoy not waking up in the middle of the night to screams of bloody murder….


He can still safely dismount!

Safe dismount

And his clumsy ass doesnt fall out of bed any more!


Isn’t he sweet? Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Its basically a free safety measure. And its so easy. Each night  I “fluff” the blanket roll from that access spot in the front just to make sure its good and thick.

Do you know a clumsy toddler (aren’t they all clumsy?) Share this with their parents!