Holy Cowl 2

Here is a set of short fingerless cabled mitts and a tight button up cowl. Super cute. Made with super fine merino wool. Sold. Image




Help me get rid of my yarn….

So here we are after the holidays and the new year has begun. We all survived the Mayan calendar ending and lets not forget Y2K…So you’re all still working and living life as before. Glad to hear it!

So since we are moving on with our lives I’d like to get rid of the yarn I currently have to be able to buy new yarn for sellable projects! I have some great patterns planned out!

Here is the yarn I have left.



The top left three are 100% wool. The top 2 on the right are cotton. The bottom on left of the box is acrylic wool blend and to the right is black and red 100% acrylic. in the box is an assortment of left overs.

I will give 10% off of any project. I can do fingerless gauntlets, a gnomey gourd hat, a holy cowl, cotton washcloths, a slouchy hat. Always looking for suggestions! This discount will go quick so get a hold of me at melodymarie85@gmail.com ASAP!


DSC00588 DSC00590

Slouchy hat

See previous post for other designs!


Holy Cowl!!!

So I was inspired by Knit or Dye who is having a shawl/cowl design contest. I’m not thinking that I will enter my piece as it was made for a holiday gift.


If you would like to purchase one the cost is $35 and as always if you would like to have it shipped to you there is a $5 shipping fee (I’m finding that $5 is average shipping cost…alas, not the previous $3 I was charging). Just email me your color preference and I will get going on it as soon as I receive payment! I can be emailed at melodymarie85@gmail.com.









SUPER CAT (Kitty Cowl)!

I’m pregnant!…with SCOBY…

Hello all! I feel like we have a new living being added to the family. I have a Kombucha baby that I adopted from my dear friend Suzanne. I’ve finally had a minute to make the tea mixture and I’ve taken pictures of my adventure. Here’s how you make Kombucha.

around about a 1 gallon glass jar

cheese cloth or a coffee filter and a rubber band

You need a SCOBY baby/mama


A cup of sugar


3-6 tea bags to taste (black or green)


3 quarts of boiling water.

Boil water. Add one cup of sugar to dissolve. Add tea bags and let cool to room temperature.

****Before handling your SCOBY make sure you wash your hands. Thoroughly wash all things you plan to use in this process! Also wait until your water is room temperature. Would you put a real baby in boiling water? No. You wouldn’t. That will kill your baby! ****

Pour your tea into your large glass jar


Now your starter, when you get your SCOBY, should have about 1/2 a cup or so of starter liquid from the last batch of kombucha. Pout the starter liquid into the large glass container with the tea in it.


Now wash your hands if you havent already or just do it again for good measure and get your hands on the baby and put it on top of the tea. If your baby sinks to the bottom…you have killed your baby…no just kidding. Dont worry about it. It will rise back up.



Now cover that baby with a blanket (or cheese cloth rather) and put a rubber band around the brim and WALLA! You just started on your kombucha journey. Store the jar in a warm dark place for 7-10 days. Look for bubbles. Thats what you want. When you are done you will have a new layer of SCOBY that is shiny on top…thats you’re new baby. Pull it off and but it in a smaller mason jar for gifting or start two new batches and repeat until SCOBY has out numbered your household and takes over with a mind of its own. Whatever floats your boat.


I have no clue if this will work. I shall update you.

Fire starters

I’d like to think of myself as fire place savvy, but lets face it, sometimes no matter how much intention I put into starting my fire…it just wont start…I came across a super easy idea for fire starters. You have most of the materials in your house right now.

This is pretty basic. You need the following:

Wax. I used ends of candles or run off from candles.


Dryer lint.


Cardboard egg cartons. I didnt have any at the time so I used cardboard packaging from a humidifier we bought recently. If you use something bigger than egg cartons like I did just cut the edges to make it easier to break up later for use.DSC00191


First stuff the cardboard with the dryer lint.


While you are doing that melt wax in a double boiler or if you dont have a double boiler just a pot would be fine. Make sure you stir often if you dont have a double boiler.



Once the wax is melted pour it over the dryer lint



They work awesome. Granted the fire was already started in the picture below…I couldnt resist trying it out. Check it!




Gnomey Gourds


I have a new fun gnomey hat for your kiddo’s little gourds. The hats are priced as follows:

Small (fits 6m-2yrs – 40st): $25

Medium (fits 2yrs-5yrs – 48st): $30

Large (fits 5yrs-8yrs): $35

With Ear Flaps and tie: +$5

With Pompom on the top: +$5

I can do an adult sizes just let me know and we will work out a price. To purchase click on the BUY GLOVES NOW button on the right of the page. Just calculate your price, it will take you to paypal 🙂 dont forget to email me at melodymarie85@gmail.com with your mailing address, item you want me to make (gloves, hat, etc), color preference if any, and size (If you want a general size you will likely get mediums. You can always measure your arms or kiddo gourds if you want specific sizes.) Any question please comment or email! And if you like this share it on facebook or pinterest!! 






Create – Fingerless glove

1/2 skein

1/2 skein



Fingerless gloves. A breeze to make. I will make you a pair for a super modest price. Here is what you need to do if you want a pair. You have a choice between hand length, 1/2 length, 3/4 length, up to elbow length.

Email ( melodymarie85@gmail.com ) me the following information:


Tell me the length glove you want.

Send me measurements – Depending on which length you want you will need to  measure around your wrist, 1/2 arm, 3/4 arm, or just before the elbow (pictured above). I will need the measurement around your hand at the knuckles just below the fingers (pictured above) for all lengths. And finally the length from the knuckle line to the line of length to ensure that the glove will be the length you want it! In the end you will send me three measurements.

If you want a specific color palette make sure you include that or if you want a solid color, or if you want a surprise color.

The prices are for pairs:

Hand: $12

1/2 sleeve: $15

3/4 sleeve:  $20

full sleeve: $25

If you arent local and you want me to ship them to you there will be a $3 shipping fee.

If you would like a mitt flap added, please indicate that you do and add $5 to he cost and shipping (if applicable)

I will make the gloves once payment has been received. Checks payable to Melody Washkevich or use the Buy Gloves Now! button on the right side of the page, and enter the total amount at the paypal page.