The ins and outs and how they will always happen.

The ebbs and flows and lulls and the bursts of energy in life are inevitable. So I’m going to save you the apology or the excuse for the hiatus. No. None of that this time. And perhaps at a later date I will story tell on the adventures I’ve had over the past year that projectile vomited me into my thirties or perhaps I will keep that within me and let it be.

For now what I can say is that I have expectations of myself for the coming year. Wholesome holistic relationships. Crafting to the nth degree. Flash fiction frenzies. I have high hopes my friends.

What’s coming up for me? A Knit along with my employer Frabjous Fibers¬†. It begins March 1 and I highly recommend you join in. If you are a knitter and your local yarn shop (LYS) has Wonderland Yarns from Frabjous Fibers get on this! There will be a raffle for participation~ If your LYS does not have Wonderland Yarns….Get them to carry it! It’s a lovely handle and the finished product is so delish. The pattern is light waves on Ravelry¬†and the Frabjous link at the beginning of this paragraph has the link to the info on knit-along!


Here’s my current WIP below! It’s $5 in Paris pattern. I plan to be done with this by Friday so I can wear it this weekend for Valentine’s day!


What are you working on?