Sunday Confession: Social Media

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So, fellow lady blogger More than Cheese and Beer does this Sunday confession blog prompt and this week its: Social Media! Jussst great. I made all sorts of friends (no really….lots and lots of people agreed with me) with my post about social media. Well you know how much I love to kick a dead horse so let’s do this.

See, a couple of weeks ago I experienced an energetic burst of mania induced rant juice. I blew my lid on how I feel pressured in the Facebook realm. I took my emotions and purged them on to my blog in the way a college freshman pukes at his first frat party. And like that poor freshman turning his insides out at his first party I feel like my rant was justified, predictable and to be expected. Every now and then don’t you just want to say “FUCK THIS!” about everything…at least once? Well if not….cheers to you my freakishly optimistic reader….you rock and we all hate you for it.

For the rest of us normals….Here’s my confession on social media. It will likely not surprise you at all. I’m addicted to it! There I said it. I have my weekends that I try to stay off it. I’ve got my hubs man home on the weekend. My family of five is a family of five on the weekends (my oldest son is with his father Sunday night through Wednesday). So I tend to not “need” it. But ohhh sweet social media….we have our heavy bonding during the week. Once hubs man heads out to work and sweet tot is on the couch watching toons with a snack and a sippy and the wee bairn has hit the boob juice hard and has thus conked himself out I retreat to my “office” (read: rocking chair in front of the fire place).

Here you will find me neurotically clicking refresh, commenting, liking, updating, pm’ing but not poking. That ish aint me. ugh.

In all seriousness though, for me as a SAHM I live for it. But does it save my sanity…really does it? I don’t think so. The quality of parenting I’ve been exuding since the heavy addiction started has really been lacking. Before I am even handed my coffee (that’s right ladies and gents my dudr partner is so rad that he brings me my coffee every morning) and as I’m rubbing the sleep crust from my eyes I’m signing on the ‘Books to see what I missed in the 4 hours of sleep I got. Its nucking futs.

I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis….who doesn’t right? Well I was listening to “Cant hold us” the other say and a lyric I’d heard several dozen times plays through and piques my interest.

“Looking for a better way to get up out of bed
Instead of getting on the internet and checking a new hit me

​Just a lyric. Nothing special…but its those things that get my attention for some reason. See, the thing is I DO have a better way to get up out of bed than to hop on the facespace and mole away the day in my shade drawn house. I’ve got these rugrats that love to play with me. That love to just have my attention. I’ve got a house to keep. I’ve got two writing gigs due THIS week. I’ve got knitting jobs due. I’ve got about a million ideas brewing for a novel. Sooooo….. Its time for me to just step back and say “SNAP OUT OF IT MELODY!” and just do something different. It’s that easy anyway right?…..Right?!….I hope so.

So my dearies….not only did you get my confession but also a bit of resolve. I resolute to cut back on it. Lets say 25 minutes in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening? Give or take some time, of course. But this hours on end BS has. To. Stop. Hell….I’m not even using FB via mobile….I suppose at the tap of a finger its using less time but I’m on my lappy!

You have my permission to verbally kick me in the ass if you see me on FB for longer than 30 mins at time. Just seriously…..tell me to go make a to-do list or something. That’s my real obsession any way. ;)​


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