As some of you may have noticed…I’ve got a thing for wearing babies. If you haven’t noticed the it’s time for you get your head out of the dirt and have a look!



My baby wearing experience goes back to pre-first born! That’s right! Over six years ago I started learning about different carriers and wraps and learned how to use them. When my first son was born I was strapped with all sorts of knowledge! I had a Moby wrap and an Ergo Carrier. After that…well I never looked back. I’m three boys in several carriers deep and loving every moment of it. And do you know what my favorite part of all this is? Sharing my knowledge with other parents! Nothing makes me happier than to talk to a parent who says “My baby doesn’t like to be worn….I cant figure it out….it hurts my back” and then after 10 minutes of readjusting, rewrapping, and re-educating the parent and the baby walk away happy (and usually the baby has fallen asleep).

I’m working on outreach and education locally here in So. Vermont and my big picture goal is to have a community in the greater tri-state region of supporters and inquirers of baby wearing. I currently am working on building my carrier library so other parents can borrow a wrap or other type of carrier before investing the money into it blindly. These wraps and carriers are costly and you don’t want to make the wrong decision for you and your baby.

Baby Wearing International is hosting their baby wearing conference in July 2014 in Tempe, Arizona. I very much would like to go to learn more and bring back with me a wealth of knowledge and maybe a few more wraps for sharing. Below is a widget that will link you to a GOfundme page where you can donate money toward this cause if you feel so inclined to do so. I would greatly appreciated it and your money would not go wasted. Thank you so much and I hope you stay tuned for my wraphappy adventures!


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