With bated breath….still bated….Alright, don’t hold your breath.

What was I THINKING?!

“Oh I’ll have all this time to ______”…”Having a third boy won’t slow me down!”….”I am monster mother hear me roar!”

Big, fat, unequivocal NOPE.

Here we are 7 weeks in and I can tell you that none of my above statements rings true. Well maybe the one about “mother monster” but let me tell ya: She ain’t pretty.  We’re talking three day old comfy pants, breastmilk encrusted tanktops that have been stretched far beyond ever imagined limits, neglected stinky two year old and cats that have chosen the feral life to the many forgotten feedings the indoor life has to offer. Yep, people, its bad. I’m not working on my sewing machine, I’m hardly knitting, I haven’t read a book ( magazines on the shitter don’t count right?), forget posts in this blog not to mention my (shamefully) absent Literary Traces posts, my Etsy store looks like one of those “Worlds most amazing abandoned places” photo blogs and I honestly don’t see an end in sight. Is that a reality? No. Its not. I’ll get there…..right?

What I have experienced is falling head over heels in love with a tiny little hunk of boy, endless toddler snuggles, many episodes of Naruto watched way too late into the evening with my husband and lots of poop. I would have missed all that if I had picked up where I left off. (Could do without all the crap but it comes with the littles).

So starting today I’m letting go of my “I’ll get back to that” breath and spend my time when I have the time to spend. My priorities, out side of my family (which is my job), are the literary blog, focusing on my ABW studies and if I have time for my sewing machine and needles they can come in way last.

Hold your breath no more! For I fear that my readers will all die from lack of oxygen by the time I saddle up this pony again. Sigh. Breathe!



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