The week there were no diapers.

Thursday August 15, 2013. The count down began. Every diaper changed, every laundry cycle ran, every sippy cup filled with milk was just one more task closer to Sunday.  My mom was planning on taking the two little critters for the following week. I cleaned the house. I made the beds. I prepped the nursery for the baby due next month. I was doing what ever would make the time pass. Sewing, knitting, playing with make up (don’t judge me…), play dates, I was doing it all.  I was literally living for Sunday.

Saturday August 17, 2013. My friends were over from the seacoast visiting for an over night stay. It was so wonderful to get our families together.  The kiddos fell asleep fast.  Our house was clean. Hubs and I had the count down going. We were ready! One last break before we went from a manageable family of four to an out numbered parent to child ratio situation. 3 to 2….not safe odds. My advice, and usually unsolicited at that, has always been “Don’t let them out-number you.” You know….now that I point that out I’ve never EVER been very good at taking my own advice.

Sunday August 18, 2013 2:00 PM. The children are gone. So we lounge around before a baby shower our friends planned for us. The quiet is nice….refreshing. We reminisce about times before the children…..when we used to stay up till 3am and sleep till 10am….smoke cigarettes, drink beer and gin and tonics. Drunk….a lot. Bills…pfft….trash! They could always wait…right? Long walks in the woods. Dates when ever we damn well pleased. Our non childbearing friends loved spending time with us….Sighhh yes. that was the good life.

Present day Wednesday August 21, 2013 2:45 PM.  The house is a mess. I’ve not done one single thing but eat, sleep and poop since my children have left. Yes that’s right people I have digressed to infancy. I do not know what to do with myself.  I haven’t gotten off the couch. I’ve watched TWO, yes two, whole seasons of “So You Think You Can Dance.” I’ve not turned on my sewing machine or sat at my work table ONCE. I have not created a single thing.  I’ve had several hormone induced melt downs. I’ve eaten 6 cinnamon buns.  Also, half a cake. Lots of chocolate. Since my children have been gone…I’ve been a mess. And it hits me….that’s why I’ve even got my shit together in the first place!! I don’t drink 5 gin and tonics and smoke a pack of cigarettes every night and have hang overs every morning BECAUSE I have my children. They are my motivators. They are why I have a passion for babywearing and cleanliness! My children are why I wear clean clothes and pay my bills on time.  When Maddox was 2 and I was so depressed I didn’t want to wake up ever again HE is who pulled me together. When I’m just so bored and missing my working days…when I had adult interaction daily, there is Felix with his amazing smile and some sweet beat boxing beat to make me remember why I’m home.  Don’t get me wrong! I’m loving the break (Thanks Mom ❤ ) but I’m starting to miss my boys.  They are my purpose….my glue and I just….I just have to clean this kitchen…..I need those boys. What’s more is now I’m counting down to the day I get to see them again….Saturday.  And I suppose if I’m going to live for Saturday I should go pay a bill or load the dish washer….

936294_10200796672111689_312237542_nCaptain America

249138_10200683144393567_106377214_nYes. Water tables DO bring this much joy o a little boy’s life.

560223_10151506250246869_1365920480_nAnd of course the Catbus. (See: Totoro)

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