Its time!

I’ve got my wraps cut and I’ve got the dye at the ready. I’m making all sorts of cuteness for your little kiddos….annnddd….I’m about a month away from having this baby!!

My original plan was to create a website and start an online business. Mr. Flaws and All and I had the website nearly ready…I could tell I was excited and serious about the whole endeavor because I was allowing myself to get stressed out about it…all was well. Then last night. I jumped. There’s a baby coming for flippin’ sakes! Here’s where I am with my thought process….

1) I love to create things and I get an immense amount of joy from seeing other people find joy in my creations.

2) I have a passion for babywearing and attachment parenting.

3) Those beautiful wraps we see happy babies and mommas/poppas using on the internet are pricey. I cant afford it, and lets face it…..The majority of you are likely in the middle class too trying to get by and are likely not able to afford them either. So I wanted to create an option for affordable comfortable babywearing. I still want to do this….I’m even thinking about creating a local babywearing group that meets once a week….maybe even get some videos up on Youtube and join the masses of hundreds of other moms that share this passion…..who knows!

Ultimately what Hubs and I decided was that an Etsy account is the way to go! So next week we will launch an Etsy account and for now I’ll start being more active here and please check out my Flaws and All Facebook page! You’ll find lots of cute in progress pictures and quick updates!

If you are here by way of the FB giveaway…WELCOME! check out previous posts and enjoy! If you are here and you are interested in the giveaway check out my FB page and or just follow this link!

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!



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