It’s a Wrap!

That’s right.  I’m wrapping my toddler like a crazy lady.  I became obsessed with watching youtube videos on how to wrap your baby in the various many many ways that you can do so.  On the front, on the back, on the side, tandem with one in front and one on the back.  It’s amazing. (If you are interested in the cost of purchasing a wrap just scroll down pass the blog portion 😉 )

I have an ergo that I’ve had for 6 years and a has faithfully lived through two children and all the different bodily fluids each has leaked/drooled/exploded on to it.  I bought mine before all the new fancy models came out and I’m sure they are all wonderful. I also have a fleece sling from Karma Baby that I keep in the car for quick wearing.  I like that one alright. However! now that I’m a month away from my third trimester my belly makes using either of those baby wearing options nearly impossible…which makes functioning outside and sometimes inside the house impossible.

So I set forth to the might youtubes as mentioned earlier and I found pregnant mommas using woven wraps with ease and convenience.  Here is a video of  one mama on her due date wrapping her toddler. One of my favorite series on bebe wrapping  how tos is by Keep Calm and Carry Them. You can also find her on Facebook here.  She often has giveaways and lots of reviews.  Worth a look if you are interested!

Now why am I blabbing on about all this?  I decided to buy one! I was super motivated and ready to purchase.  I love the rainbow woven and I had to have it…..then….I found out how much it is…$135!! Now I dont know about you but in a family of four with one income ( and a little on the side from my crafty things I sell on occasion) that cost was way too much. I was finding wraps costing anywhere from $80-$300!!! I also knew I wanted something light for summer.  None of this was tooting my horn at all.

And then I got to thinking….I have a small army of sewing machines…I can hem….I can dye….I can do this! So I did!!


If you, too, are looking for an affordable lightweight summer wrap for you and your wee wrappee here is what I’ve come up with for pricing.  I can do white ($30-40) or dyed up to three colors ($50-60). Small (4.5 yards) Medium (5.5 yards) or Large (6.5 yards). Typically I make the seat 30″ deep which comfortably fits my 26 lb 20m old. I have a paypal id which is my email  I have a little paypal button all the way at the bottom right of my blog!

******PRICING UPDATE********* (7/17/13)

After making a few more wraps and considering costs these are the new prices! 🙂

White, Off white, Brown, Black – no dye:

SMALL – 4.5 Yards  –  $40

MEDIUM -5.5 Yards –  $45

LARGE – 6.5 Yards –  $50

Dyed one color:

SMALL – 4.5 Yards – $50

MEDIUM -5.5 Yards –  $60

LARGE – 6.5 Yards – $70

The Elsa Wrap:

SMALL – $70

MEDIUM – $75

LARGE – $80

*for additional color add $5 *Shipping in flat rate boxes included any where in the USA. Will ship outside USA. Email for cost.

Below I have pictures of two of my most recent wraps the purple one with the lotus tails is beautiful and is a medium. Any wrap with print tails is called the Elsa Wrap. The Elsa Wrap is $75.  The blue/green wrap is an example of a Medium wrap with two colors and that cost would be $65.  I’m able to do most any color and dye design. I love custom work so just email me at and lets talk about what your price range and what you want and lets make it work. The reason I’m making these is because I couldn’t afford a 150 dollar wrap! I don’t want you to not purchase one because you cant afford one! Lets talk. I will be making a warmer wrap for the cooler months too! stay tuned!






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