Happy to Share: Perspective

Hello all you wonderful people! Let me share with you how I’m feeling today. The weather is going to be nice, the sun is back, my cockatiel, Cheeseburger, who is just a baby still is mastering the theme from Totoro, I had my level two sonogram for my baby who is due in October and HE is healthy and BIG,  my oldest son turns six this week, I got to spend some much (ahem) needed time with my amazing husband last night, I finished painting my boy’s bedrooms (DEEP breath for this run on sentence), I’m getting GREAT feedback on my pieces I’m writing for Literary Traces  and The Orange Rhino, which is featured in this month’s Parent’s Magazine, republished on of my blog posts! I’m feeling SUPER! Super motivated, super honored, super positive. Things just keep getting better all the time.

I know exactly when it all started getting better, too.  See, the thing is it was never really all that bad. It was my perspective. I was always down on my self, over thinking, over doing and just such a damn Negative Nancy.  That was when I yelled.  I was angry.  I thought I yelled because I was angry. Turns out I was SUPER wrong. I was happy. It was my temper that got the best of me. It’s part of me. I’m in touch with my emotions. I know me. So because of that I would trust my immediate reactions and act on them.  Yelling was a daily thing that I thought got me through the day. But….check this out….when I stopped yelling…when I really acknowledged the irrational and unnecessary act of yelling, it all got better. It really did. My kids are better behaved, my husband started being sweeter, my house was cleaner, I could process thoughts easier. All of it. All of it was happier. Now I may just be high on pregnancy good health or the new house we closed on on April 12 or any other number of good things in my life. Fact is there has always been good things in my life. But in balance with that, and there must always be balance, there is hard and bad stuff too. I won’t go into all that now because this is a SUPER post but it’s true. Its just about perspective. And right now, outlook is…well….SUPER!

Thank you to all my readers for following my blog and if you found yourself here by way of TOR thank you for stopping by. I’m so happy my story touched, helped or just plain ole entertained you. And Orange Rhinos…If you want to see other related to TOR posts I’ve linked them below. I’m currently on day 26 of no yelling and previous to that I had 26 days of no yelling.  Like TOR says: don’t get down on your self for yelling. Take a deep breath and do what works for you. You can do it.

Oh, and thank you The Orange Rhino….whatever your name is 😉

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