Other People’s Ideas

Today while I was showering ( the place where I get most of my thinking done) I was creating a mental check list of everything I need to do today.

Take shower. Check.

Eat breakfast. Check.

Make bed. Check. (The list goes on with these daily have-to’s)

Check in with FlyLady.net to see what the “zone” is.  Get inspiration from the Launch Pad.

Check in with The Orange Rhino.  Get inspiration to maintain patience.

Get on pinterest to get idea’s for color palettes for the bedroom walls.

Talk with Meghan about the grocery list she made for our shopping trip to BJ’s on Thursday.

Yadda yadda,  so on and so forth,  more of the same. 

Then it hits me.  It’s all other people’s ideas! Now let me just say as a little disclaimer of sorts that I’m fine with this.  With out FlyLady.net, I would be less organized and not have an outlet for my manic cleaning tendencies. With out The Orange Rhino, who knows when I would have come to the realization I was yelling too much and that made me more unhappy. With out Meghan’s equal or greater to my own organization and list making skills, who knows if I would ever have the motivation to make 20 freezer meals to stock up in my new freezer chest.  And with out pinterest…..who could come up with “good” ideas at all?  I’m super grateful for all these people getting their good idea’s out there and sharing them. But…what about my own ideas? Do I have anymore of my own these days? The internet, aside from a source of socialization (Daily worship to the FB gods….),  is how I do my budget, get ideas, buy things, learn things…and well mostly everything.  

This morning I woke up to my daily vision of two handsome boys snuggled on the couch. Typically one has a sippy with milk and the other has a cup of coffee still partially asleep…and I love that, by the way. That every morning when I come down stairs I see their smiling faces, they greet me, and I smile. Its great….ANYWAY! Around the time that I wake up and venture down stairs, Sid the Science kid is on. This morning Mr. Flaws and All told me at the beginning Sid goes around and asks questions to the other preschoolers.  This morning it was ” when your computer at home makes a ding sound do your parents run over and start typing a lot?” and “When you need your parents, where can you usually find them?….At the computer!”.  And it got me deeper into shower thoughts…..I’m online all day getting “ideas” and I’ve become Pavlov’s dog to the computer ding. Hmm….And I’m not the only one….Something to ponder, that’s all. 

With this insight at the forefront, I will silence my computer speakers today, I will pick two days a week to “sign off” the internet (likely the weekend). 

In non-internet news. I’ve started knitting again! I’m currently making a Curly Purly soaker for thing number three’s scheduled appearance for October and now that I’ve finished the ribbing (the bane of my existence as a knitter) I should be able to fly through it! As you might be able to see…at the top/beginning of the “rise” the work looks sloppy or a little loose, rather. That is my experiment with Norwegian purling. It makes a nice stretchy knit but it just wasnt as uniform as I like.  I like my woolies to be nice and loose at the top any way so I’m over looking the inconsistency.  



In other non internet news….one of our car’s died. Rhoda the 2001 Buick Regal. As sad as I was, we really wanted to cut back to one car any how and we were able to sell it for scraps. With that money I bought myself a gift. I have wanted a bird since I moved to PA and wasnt able to have my Derbyan Parakeet, Baby Derb, anymore. So I found a great breeder, Winging It Aviary, based out of Long Island, NY and got a cockatiel. We named him Cheeseburger…and I’m in love. 



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