Banana “Ice Cream”!

SO! Someone (My sweet beautiful friend Lydia B.)  told me I should make Banana “Ice Cream” if I was looking to eat healthy….Here is my how-to! I made it up and I must say I am pleased.


2 large frozen bananas

Vanilla soy milk ( measure for consistency)

cinnamon to taste

optional: vanilla or almond extract, a few drops to taste.


So…..Peeling frozen banana’s sucks….hugely. Your fingers will hate you if you try to peel this.  Below is a picture of how far I got with just my fingers…..


My Dad and his lovely wife bought us a set of “Forever Sharp” knives.  They can cut nails. I guess.  One thing I can say about them is that they can cut frozen bananas and thats good enough for me.  No nail cutting in my kitchen.


Still I had a hard time.  How do you freakin peel a frozen banana?! Observe the carnage.



Once you have freed your frozen bananas from their icy cocoons toss ’em in the kitchen aid or other blender/processor.  Pour in some Soy milk and sprinkle in some cinnamon.  You will be adding more soy milk and more cinnamon or not as you go to get the desired constancy and flavor. Blend on low unless you think thats just too slow…then pump it up to high. Careful though. I found that too much high action made it more frothy.


Depending on your tastes here is where you will add a few drops of your preferred extract.  As you can see I used almond. Its what I had and it was good!


Here is what the delish mixture looked like when I was done.


I’m testing out freezing it for later.  I dont know if it will be too hard to scoop or not. I shall let you know later.

******This freezes GREAT.  I plan to make it with some chocolate or other flavorings in the future.  I almost like the consistency after it is frozen! give it a try!


Here is the finished product.


Here is the tester.  Its official I swear. Thing number two is very honest and doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings.  Unless you ham it up real good then you can get him to think about maybe feeling bad.


The first bite…..

And the look says it all.  Following the look I get the baby sign for “more”…


I’d say its a go. I’ll be making this again!



  1. Try peeling the banana first before you freeze it. That’s what I do! I seem to freeze a lot of bananas too…I think it’s because I refuse to through them away when they aren’t so yellow anymore. I love to use them for different recipes 🙂 they thaw out amazingly…

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