Hiatus Interrupted

Well we did it.  We closed on the house last Friday (April 12th).  We have our own home and we couldn’t be happier.

There are still lots of things to do. Install hardwood flooring. Paint. Schedule pellet stove install. The Roof has been repaired already and the propane has been hooked up to the stove/oven. My father-in-law is in town repairing and modifying various electrical…things.  The king sized bed has arrived and is in our bedroom and our house is coming together!

As things settle more around the house I will be writing more. I’m hoping to work on so fiction shorts and still post on knitting and how-tos with a dash of personal diary.  In the mean time check out Literary Traces. I am a contributing writer on Fridays and the other contributors are just great.

As for my yelling and loving goals…I’m on day 22.  I’ve had a few moments in the midst of the move that drove me to frustration and exhaustion and raised voice….but I have not yelled. And do you know what is so awesome about that? My husband thanked me last night.  He sees my hard effort. He sees me working to change my habits and sees the love coming through more. He says that it makes everything easier. It really does too. Life is easier when I dont yell, when I have patience and when I’m more gentle.  Speaking of my no yelling adventure, keep an eye on The Orange Rhino. She will be re-publishing one of my posts.

For now I’ve got a sleepy toddler to hang out with and many cardboard boxes that are calling my name from the other room.


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