Third time’s the Charm PART 2

February 2013. Two pink strips. We’ve been so careful! Except that one time…when I came back from my trip to Texas.  Face…Palm. Go in for an ultrasound. Heartbeat. Baby. October 15th due date. What happened?! This was NOT in the plans.

Section one

Plus signs, smiley faces and the double strip.

Oh the sacred piss on a stick ritual. For some it brings on a feeling of anticipation and excitement….for some its more of horrendous dread and agony.

So maybe this was your plan all along. Perhaps you were trying for the perfect boy and a girl, maybe you wanted a nice “round” three, whatever that means. Congratulations! You’re nuts! By my standards. But hey, all the best of luck to you these next nine months while you joyously vomit into the toilet or jovially eat freakish combinations of foods and can’t fit into…anything. Good luck with that. Just let me note for the record that I do wish all you pregnancy planners out there the best. There is really nothing wrong with it. In the place that I was when I saw the double line…again…I  95% considered jumping out of the window with a about 5% of excitement on board, so just bear with me through this section!

However for the other population like myself who were not planning for another bundle of joy to pop into their already tight budget, welcome to my dread. I have moments of complete depression and utter fear. My advice to parents has mostly been “Dont let them out number you” and unless Stephen and I are planning to make our relationship a lot more complicated (adding a “parent”), we will be out numbered. I forsee an overthrow of power coming in 2014.



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