So…Scratch That.

Happy Spring every one!!


Yes that picture was taken today. Yes we are still getting flurries. 12 inches of Spring. Disappointed.

I love the idea of themed posts. Ya know…the Monday through Friday thing….well the fact is this blog is a growing beast.  It’s my window out to the world and I’m leaving the curtain open so you all can be that creepy neighbor who peers in to see what’s going on.  So, that was a nice try but little kids rarely grow up to be what they think they want to be at a young age, and like I said…My blog is just a baby.

I’m just going to blog about my flaw-filled life.  I love that about my life, by the way.  I’m learning that it’s not my life unless there is a mistake or a bump in the road and I love it. Everything I have knit has at least one error, everything I cook could use ‘something’, every day I parent I’m going to screw up and I’m never going to be able to leave the house without forgetting some thing. Hence the “Flaws and All” name. That’s what you get. You’ll be seeing a little bit of everything from me until a direction pulls me.

Today I don’t think I’ll be doing much in the way of knitting. I’m dropping off my kid’s with my father for the NEXT FIVE DAYS!! Yes, this break will be great for my no yelling goal of which I’m on day 3 !!   Here’s to many naps, sleeping in, and packing for the new house!



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