Monday Mash Up: Procrastination and Strollers


Hello all. Welcome to Monday Mash Up….on Tuesday. I’m in major procrastination mode.

I see all of these people bustling about talking about Spring. Preparing gardening plans, thinking about cleaning out their cars from the inch of dirt that has accumulated on the car floor, thinking about dusting the cobwebs and pulling out the patio furniture. Well….in my corner of the world or at least the little world I live in inside my head, its still winter. There is still a crap load of snow every where and the skies are grey and every things is just muddy and damp. Like today, Its raining. And while the temperatures may be rising ( we are in the 40’s now) I still have to wear a coat and boots. I just dont feel like it. It being anything. So I’ll keep putting it off till something gives me the kick in the tush motivation I need this time of the year every year. Also note….March procrastination is not another word for depressed. I’m just feeling lazy and I’m actually enjoying the last bit of doing nothing there is to do before Spring/Summer/Fall activeness of having two little boys. We are talking beach, park, trail walks, lakes, and all that. Which I do love but let me have my lazy procrastination March. Let me also note (lots of notes!) that November, December, January, and February are all very busy. Holidays, cooking, and the momentum of the indoor activities like knitting, crafting, reading, all that good stuff. But March…just let me have March. ZZZzZZzzzzzzzzzz.



Okay. Have any of you read this blog post “Dear Mom on the iPhone” or if you have read one of the responses by Ashlee of Where My Heart Resides? Well I feel like this topic may be in the same vein and may not get a great response….perhaps I’ve turned all earth mama here in Vermont, but this just seems natural to me regardless of my state of living. Enough disclaimer. Here’s the meat.

I went to a mall in Massachusetts this past weekend with my little Flaws and All family. The purpose of this trip was solely so that Felix could walk around. We joked as we drove there that we were driving south on 91 with a band of flat landers (CT, MA, NY) who were driving back home from Vermont on their weekend get aways and were were driving there to get away from Vermont. Beside the point! But funny.

We got there and it was great. Endless halls for my toddler to yell and run like the crazy baboon he is. We walked the top floor and the bottom floor back and forth twice. We stopped at the teddy bear factory and made a bear and a dog for the boys, we got pretzels and lemonade, we found a hall with nearly no one and Mr. Perfect chased the kids around through to delirium. Then we went home. It was a wonderful fairly inexpensive trip to the mall for some exercise.

One thing I noticed for the majority of families at mall were the excessive use of strollers. Children of all ages. I dont know why. To contain them? Because the child refuses to walk? I dont know. I saw what looked to be like an 8 year old (i’m horrible at guessing ages) chewing gum and drinking a coke while his overweight parents pushed him around in his too small stroller. Maybe thats how those parents were brought up.  I saw screaming children strapped in to the wheelchair for kidos bent over in a 90 degree angle begging for release. I saw some napping toddlers likely exhausted from hours of shopping in the overstimulating Forever Twenty-one clothing store (Hell, I get over stimulated there!). What I didnt see a lot of was holding, wearing, or compassion.

Indoors like the mall is one thing and when you have a new born infant….sure maybe. That carseat is heavy! But let me share a few reasons I dont use strollers. This is all my opinion!

1) When your kiddo is in a stroller they are at the same level at cigarettes, car exhausts, closer to sewer drains. Now after watching Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on second hand smoke I have mixed feelings on the actual effects of it but its stinky. I dont want my kid to have to smell that stink.

2) When your kiddo is in a stroller they arent learning important social interaction and communication. When they are up in holding range they can see our faces better, pick up on social cues, and see our mouths as we form words. Watching Felix learn English I noticed how much he watches my mouth and them I see him mimic my tongue and lip movements. He shrugs his shoulders and has all sorts of gestures I fear he wouldnt be using if I “grounded” him.

3) When your kids are in a stroller they arent getting touched. I read Attachment Parenting by Dr. Sears when I was pregnant with thing number 1. I didnt and dont use it all but I’m of the eclectic parenting style that takes a little from every thing and leave out the things that dont serve my family and mostly follow my gut. When You wear or carry your kiddos they feel love, that trust builds and if they get scared or unsure, you are right there to reassure them.  I have worn my boys since their first outing and because of that I have a stronger connection with them. They trust me and I trust them.  I think attachment parenting/ trust parenting starts with wearing. Why wouldnt you wear your kids?

There are lots of reasons to not use a stroller. Now let me also say for the record that I have used strollers. When I HAD to.  My family much prefers wearing. And whats hotter than a man wearing a baby? Not much else to me!

What are your thoughts on stroller use versus wearing? I promise you won’t hurt my feelings 😉




  1. We were a stroller/carriage family, but it wasn’t for parking us somewhere so we could be forgotten. We had to walk around and stretch our tiny leggies, and weren’t allowed to just be shuttled around when knew perfectly well we could toddle around just fine.

    There’s three of us, four years apart per kid, so for the need for a stroller was necessary for some excursions. We had one of those old fashioned front loader deals, stroller style but the back folded down for snoozing. This was our ‘caravan’ for all our adventures- malls, parks, errands around town, etc. When your eye height only came up to a grownup’s knee, this provided a focal point- find the grey & red stroller, and you’re home. Safe. Mom’s pocketbook is there. My sister’s ninny (security blanket) is stored safely. There’s juice and crackers. There was a comfort that a piece of our house was with us in a world full of strangers and strange places.

    I’m not ok with seeing the abuse and overuse of strollers, especially now that I have to dodge them everywhere. It’s very refreshing to see kids learning to interact on foot, and being held. There’s a time and place for everything.

  2. I have never willingly used a stroller. I always “wear” my babies. I could never tell people why exactly I did not agree with stroller use but it never felt right. I love having my babies wrapped on me. We can talk, sing and most important they can hear my heartbeat. I agree with the amount of strollers and the lugging around the car seats. I can not say how much I hate those two things. I love baby wearing !!!

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