Today’s Word on the Street: Brainstorm!

Well today my post gets thanks from Sesame Street. As I sit here longing for this snowy winter to end (its currently snowing right now!) I’m thinking about composting and starting a garden at the new house. Ahh…yes the new house. We are so close to closing and I think I can partially blame my lack of posting to the stress of this whole home buying adventure.  I liken it to being a circus dog….jumping though hoops.

So! Sesame Street. Yes. They have a word of the day each day. Today’s word is: Brainstorm. In this post I’m going to openly brainstorm about a daily theme. Its something I’m noticing about other great blogs that I follow. I also feel like a daily theme would give me the kick in the booty to just write since I’ll already know what to write on!

Here are some themes I could assign to each day.

Monday Motivator….this one needs wor

Monday Mashup: I like to do two posts in one. A little steal from ye ole Glee.

Tuesday Tests: New Recipes/Knits/Etc -With how-to instructions!

Wednesday WIP (not very original)

Hump day photo blog…because sometimes you just are too plain old busy to post.

Thursday Spotlight: What I think is super cool right now

Friday Finale: Something finished. Maybe an essay maybe a knit….maybe the dishes…..Hey we can’t all be superheros!

Let me know if you have any ideas for me! I’d love to get feedback about what you want to read! Thank you all!


And because I’m in a knitting lull here’s a baby and a puppy!

baby and a puppy


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