Illness Strikes

I’ve been so so lucky this winter. I avoided all illnesses or contagious peoples like the plague. I hate getting sick and most cold seasons I do get sick. Often. This year I opted not to get the flu shot in the off chance that the flu shot is “what made me sick” or some craziness of that nature. Well four months of no sickness later and here we are. It started with sneezing and I was all “Oh its just allergies…in February…” then I had a sinus head ache then….my face hurt….then the unthinkable. I lost my voice.  To top it off….My five year old is on school vacation. So I’ve got two kiddos that are holed up and dealing with a sick Mama.


I have finished a wool soaker. Man was that a challenge.  Mostly due to the new techniques that I’ve never done. Short rows, Kitchener stitch, picking up stitches.  In the picture you can see the graft where the kitchener stitch is and I dont think you should be able to see it. Also the ribbed cuff are funky. Its totally wearable. Just…needs some refining. Also If anyone has tips or a favorite tutorial for short rows let me know! I had a hard time with the WS ssk……see

Wrong side ssk...or p2tog?


the bad side of the short rows…..


This is the good side.



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