Roses are Red….My Hair is Violet.



It occurs to me that I’ve not talked yet about my little family. I’ve touched on Mr. Flaws and All, the Hubs. But here’s the story of how We became a little family of four.

It all started 6 years ago before I met my husband. I met one of those Mr. Wrongs I posted about before Valentine’s day. I really thought we were going to get married. We did not. However he gave me Maddox. He’s my dark child. My little big boy. He’s got a whole world going on in his head that involves Star Wars, Legos, Indiana Jones, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a playlist of great Frank Turner songs. He’s just great. This kid has pulled me out of the deepest of despair and he’s been by my side through the hardest of times. And he’s just so damn funny. Look….Isnt he funny?


Next enter Stephen. That’s Mr. Flaws and All. My old daddy rabbit. I suggest you read my Valentine’s Day post if you haven’t yet. In that post in italics is Stephen’s retelling of how we came to be. Such a great story. He’s sweet. I call him Wizard Steve because he lays Magic the Gathering and I also call him Laptop Doctor Steve because he works in IT and fixes my computer….often. He is that man I never thought I’d find that “can take me by the reigns without me knowing it” I’m a stubborn pony. The best think about this dude aside from the fact that he loves me for whatever reason….He is the best stepdad ever. When introducing the boys he says “These are my boys” He doesnt ever make Maddox feel like a lesser part of our whole. Maddox even calls him Papa….. ❤



Mr. Wizard Stephen gave me Little Felix. Felix is the newest edition to the Flaws and All clan. He’s my light child. A complete goob in every sense of the word. He loves to get a laugh and I swear he cans peak Japanese.  Le looks just like his father with brief moments when he looks like me. He loves trains and balls. Oh and water. Cant keep that boy away from the bathroom if there is water running. And he is always smiling….which can be annoying if you are pissed off….read Potty Mouth. A post I wrote about an unfortunate event that Felix was there for….Its funny, unfortunately.



So that is my little family. I hope you enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

Also I’m trying to decided if I should go back to brown hair….What’s your vote? Violet or Brown?

Here’s a brown picture and there’s a violet up at the top….



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