The Best Day In the Whole Wide World

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! This marks year two in a wonderful blissful some times bumpy always happy stupendous sexual splendiferendic glorious marriage to Mr. Flaws and All.

Here is a little story from Mr. Flaws and All he wrote for our wedding website back in 2011

One night in 2007

Do you remember 2007 at all? I do, most importantly I remember the late summer and fall. It all has to do with one night and with a story I’ve told my wife many times. I was standing with some friends smoking in front of McNeil’s brewery, and I stopped paying attention to their chatter because across the street I saw a beautiful girl. She took my breath away and I knew that that little girl walking purposefully down Elliot Street in her black hooded sweatshirt, her head high and her hair bobbing back and forth was someone I just had to know. She stopped my mind, took my breathe away and I remember thinking that whoever it was that had her was indeed a lucky man, and if I could I’d make myself a lucky man, but all the same I was so taken that even from across the street I knew I couldn’t even open my mouth.
I saw that girl a few more times in the intervening months. Each and every time my heart skipped a beat and my mind turned barrel rolls. I never worked up the courage to talk to her, or even try to concoct some scheme to make myself that lucky man, and as anyone who knows me can tell you stopping me from talking is a generally impressive feat, to do so for a month, well let’s just say she had to be something special, right? So instead I quietly wondered every time I saw her if there was anyway she could fall into my life…
The Boston Red Sox were in the World Series again that year, you probably remember that, and one night in late October they were working over the Rockies and making smooth progress towards being champions for the second time in four years. I’d been watching the game cheering on like everyone else and decided to go and meet my brother at his house to finish off the last couple innings and celebrate, but before taking the walk up Main Street I dropped into the Weathervane a bar downstairs from my apartment. I took a seat at the bar, ordered a drink and settled in to watch for a few minutes. I was so fixated at first that all I noticed was this tiny, but powerful voice next to me chatting with the bartender and occasionally a whip of brown hair out of the corner of my eye. I realized suddenly that sitting, right there, yeah, next to me was that girl that had been stopping my heart for nearly two months, by herself, in a lonely bar, smiling and…maybe glancing my way? 
My heart jumped into my throat when she said hi after I took maybe my fifth sidelong glance over at her and that is where it started. My voice luckily didn’t fail me. It turns out she was called Melody and that I was a lucky man. That night I gave her my phone number, I took hers with a promise to call her the next day and I forgot entirely about the Red Sox, my brother and just about everything else.
Over the next few months we fell madly in love. I would tell her stories and we would stare dreamily into each others eyes lost like kids get lost in love. That stupid warm feeling that creeps into your guts, joints and down to the tips of your toes and makes you fall asleep with your lips curled up at the edges, it filled us up. That could have been the end too however, because sometimes life just isn’t ready for love and time just isn’t in the right place, or the place just isn’t at the right time it’s hard to say, but we parted and we were away from each other for quite awhile.
I never forgot about her the entire time she was gone. She was a standard in my heart that I blocked out other people with and the measure to which no one else could be held to. The love I felt for that girl I saw one night, now many months before, still made my head spin, and my stomach churn even though I hadn’t spoken to her in months, over a year really. Then one night I was on my way home from work and around midnight I stopped into the Weathervane again to have a beer before going home and there she was. Beautiful, smiling and real, standing not too far from the first place I had ever spoken to her. She rushed over to me and squeezed me so hard I thought I would lose a rib in the deal, but I didn’t care too much, the smell of her and the feel of her arms around me were blotting out anything else I could feel. It turns out she’d missed me too, and secretly kept her eyes out for me when kicking around my town, and maybe doing a bit of light stalking. We caught up with each other that night and I couldn’t help but be happy. 
After I thought she’d left I heard a rapid clattering coming down the alley looked up and was bowled over by a hundred pounds of sheer energy, and that’s when I knew I was never going anywhere without her again. After that night we started dating again. It all came back to me quickly, and again we were lost for each other like love dumb teens. We got steadily closer and closer over the next months. She developed this conviction that she was never going to leave me and one night in February while we were driving around on my lunch break I made sure she never would. While stopped at a stop sign, on the same street where years before I’d seen her beautiful face striding down the sidewalk I asked her to marry me. She asked if I was being serious, and I couldn’t have been more. I put an onion ring from my dinner onto her finger and she said yes. Gobbled down the engagement ring, and two weeks later we were married on a beautiful sunny Valentines day. The rest is, well, not history it’s the future and thank you all for joining us to celebrate our family and our future. 


What a doll. Love that man.

So here is what he got me for our anniversary/valentine’s day. Since it is the cotton year he got me this pillowcase for my body pillow….



Also today I’ve made heart sugar cookies to bring to my kiddo’s kindergarten V-Day…Hubs made it really. I just cut and cooked.




I made medium sized ones for his classmates and some tiny ones for Maddox to give out to strangers we see on our “date” when he gets out of school. You know….feel good stuff.

And for good measure here is the Smitten again. Seriously so fun to knit.



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