Expected Excitement

I know I know…you all were expecting an exciting post on Friday! “Snip Snip Take Two: My Husband’s Vasectomy Adventure.” Well the procedure was postponed due to the 16 inches of show that was dumped mercilessly upon our fine homestead of Vermontlandia. Stay tuned for THAT irresistible story.

Here are some snow pictures for all you flat landers.





Now as I sit here watching Sesame Street with my nearly 1 1/2 year old. I’m nearly bursting at the seams with complete anxitement (anxiety and excitement) about a knitting project. Wow… I’ve changed a lot in the realm of what gets me riled up. Its the warmest hood pattern. I’ve got my yarn ready…I’ve purchased the appropriate sized circular needles. I’m just waiting…..for nap time. Have you ever tried to cast on with a mini monster yanking at the yarn???…..yeah. No. Cant be done.


Speaking of casting on…what’s your favorite method?

This past weekend I finished some gauntlets and a Bad Posture hat. Now…..on to nap time.



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