Two Posts: Drum Roll Please! & Doing What I Ought….

Drum Roll Please!

And the winner of a free knitted item of their choosing is……

genoratedPAULA COHEN!


Please email me at and let me know what you want!

So fun to do a giveaway! But man! That was a lot of work. Keeping track of the posts, replying, moderating, promoting, and all the while knitting. Not to mention a teething-recovering-from-a-cold toddler….No pity parties here! It was just a lot of work! We made it to the otherside and here we are.

Here are some projects I’m working on .

A “Bad Posture hat”



1/2 length Gauntlets for Suzanne


and a diaper cover…I need some serious motivation on this! Who knows of a pattern out there that is not exclusively ribbing? Everything I can find is a K1, R1 or a K2, R1…Uhhhggg. There’s those damned size 4 needles. I need to get over myself and just do it.Image

Here’s a project that I finished. This is an inprogress picture. Look at all the dpns and the circular….craziness. I will post more about it closer to valentine’s day.


Doing What I Ought….

What are somethings we should be doing but just….dont? Here’s my list:

Brushing my teeth twice a day and flossing

Not smoking cigarettes

Moderating soda intake

Making my bed

Getting dressed to shoes every morning

Taking my daily steroid

Spending time with my husband

Some of these things are things I should do…and some of them I HAVE to do. But I dont. Why dont I just put on my big girl pants and just get the things done that need doing!?

Hmmmm first guess is laziness. Let’s step back and look at each one independently.

Brushing teeth and taking my steroid fit in to the same category for me.  This hesitation to just do these things comes from being told to do it in the past. I know…get over it Melody! You’re an adult now.  So what’s the big deal? I dont like having to be told what to do. I am woman hear me ROAR!  But really its for my own good. What do you not do because you have a little girl in the back of your head telling you that you know better?

Moderating soda intake and not smoking cigarettes. I hardly ever used to drink soda. now I have 1 to 2 cans a day…WHo am I?! Since I have pointed this out I will likely be more conscientious about this.  Now we are on to the harder – Cigarettes.  I am a smoker. There I’ve said it. When I go to the doctor’s and they ask me I say no. When I go to the pediatrician for my kids I say we dont smoke. Why do I lie like that? Fear of disapproval? Perhaps. But mostly I think its because I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs a day and now it’s down to 3-6 cigarettes a day. But now I’m out of smokes. What if I just stop buying soda and smokes? Who will hold me accountable?

Getting dressed to shoes is a great little “to-do” from the ladies at This website is the major organizer queen bee of all housewives and aspiring work/home balancers I suggest it to all. I dont live by it but I sure do let FlyLady kick me in the ass every now and then. So all that being said…I’m still in my jammies from three days ago…Gross I know. Also, my bed is in a rumpled mess. That right there is delicately perfected good old fashioned LAZINESS. I’m here. I’m posting! I’m feeding, diapering, cleaning the house, cooking, taking care of animals….Why can’t I take care of myself? I’m good enough for it.

My man. I have got to turn off the computer at a certain point in the evening and just say….NO. We bust our humps all day working and child caring when they are asleep….we just have to stop and enjoy and remember that we chose all this and make the time.


Tomorrow’s Blog Post Sneak Peak!: “Snip Snip Take Two: My Man’s Vasectomy Adventure….”


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