Two Posts in one: Multitasking and What a Different Place…


I have many mixed emotions regarding multitasking.

Here’s why I love it. I can get so much done and when I get so much done I’m on endorphin over load! My adrenaline boosts and my body (and everyone’s body) loves adrenaline. Its actually addictive. Yup, you heard it. Good old fashion habitual addiction.

Here’s why I hate it:I went through a phase last year when I HAD to be doing something….and the more things at once the better. I had a short temper, I was never present and if you didnt care about the 58 things I was thinking or doing at that moment I didnt care about you. And it wasnt that I didnt care it was just that I was too doped up on adrenaline to notice. I started having breakdowns, I started hating my job, I started doing a bad job, I lost 10 lbs (which was 10% of my body weight!) I got sick…super duper sick.

SO! What did I do? I quit my job and I stopped giving so many shits about what everything that was going on around me. I stopped taking on so many tasks that spread me thinner than melting butter on warm toast. I focus on the here…the now…and I’m not perfect. Some times a manic pang will strike and I’ll sweep the floors then vacuum the floors then I find my self on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors with warm water…then all the while I’m cooking dinner and making lunch for tomorrow….and switching the laundry….with a 1 1/2 year old on my back…..So it happens…not daily like it formerly did but it does.

So how does this topic tie into knitting? Well, due to my hyperactive tendencies I’ve chosen to only do one project at a time. And let me tell you, that has become increasingly difficult since I’ve discovered Ravelry and allfreeknitting….so many fun things…Today, I stepped off that ledge and I’m working on three things…..all relatively small. A hat, a pair of gauntlets, and a diaper cover (which is the more difficult of the three…damn those 4’s!). It makes me nervous that I might get back to the daily mania….How do you mitigate multiple projects?

What a Cool Unique Different Place…..

I am about to describe a town. The town I live in. Are you sitting? Are you ready? Have you taken any psychotropic drugs today? Yes to all?…great here we go.

We have a heifer parade. That’s right. A heifer parade. a long line of female bovine who have not yet had a calf walk the length of Main Street. OH! Dont worry about the poo….there are circus clowns that follow the parade and scoop it all up in a clowny way….

Circus! We have a Circus School in town! Yup! if you want to learn to rope dance or walk the tight rope you’ve come to the right place. The New England Centre for Circus Arts.  They even have a children’s program. They can teach your kids to be clowns! No, really…its a cool establishment. But does your town have it?

Ski Jump. Harris Hill Ski Jump. I’m still amazed people willingly do this winter time activity. (((Shakes head disapprovingly))) AND! in the summer months runners go up and down the stair case for… exercise?? I dunno….I dont do that. Draws in a big crowd and I’m sure its fun for those who enjoy standing in the cold watching what I have dubbed “dummies” essentially jumping from a cliff. No. No thank you. I like my leather recliner by the fire place….not witnessing potential suicide.

While you are standing idling by at Harris hill cross the street to the Retreat Mental Institution’s “Retreat Trails”. Enjoy the ups and downs of the trails with the cobble stone tower that creepily stalks over downtown Brattleboro. And if you were wondering, yes…Yes the patients of the mental institution built the tower and the trails….creeeepy. And if you continue on farther on the trail you will come to the Retreat Cemetery. Long term patients who died at the Retreat were buried here. Some were removed and buried back at home. Among those stones up untill about 10 years ago there was a stone that just read…Frankenstein. Yup. You can go up the unsettling tower once or twice a year but has been closed for year round access due to jumpers.

If you do ever make it to the top you can see Brattleboro and the Brattleboro Retreat! a beautiful campus really. This mental institution is very well known in New England and beyond. Very spooky if you are of the superstitious that walk among us. There is a closed down unit, creepy attics, a chapel, and mysterious unknowns….

Brattleboro is prone to bouts of nudity enthusiasts. Thats all.

We’ve got a dude that walks his large pig on a leash…and lives in home with this animal. People are jealous of the attention the pig man gets. Since pig man we have seen other leashed animals….Snake man, goat man, cats are often on leashes…and as I’ve previously mentioned, Heifers.

  We’ve got this amazing Trans African American Named Alfred who is the Parade Marshall of the Heifer Parade. He is a preschool teacher. Every one LOVES this guy. And he’s been hitting on my husband since he was 16. Who is indeed hot and also awesome. I’d hit on him too. I do in fact.

We’ve got this cool school called School for International Learning. People from all over the world come here and we send people here to all over the world.

We have a pharmacy in an old church and they’ve called it…Hotel Pharmacy? Dunno. Just is. AND they blast rock music all day. So great. I will often hear Red Hot Chili Peppers. A personal favorite.

We have a Winter Carnival. Good old fashioned 57th annual Winter Carnival will be this coming week and in this time we will have two pageants (Queen and Princess), Games, Variety Show and a never dying torch. Again you will likely find me knitting by the fire.

And lastly covered, certainly not all of it….We have Gallery Walk. A way that we can celebrate the One and Only Brattleboro and all of its uniqueness. Gallery Walk happens on the first Friday of every month. In the winter months its not so great (in my warm blooded opinion) In the Summer we close Main Street and there are performers, music, and all year long amazing local artists featured at 36 plus local shops. Great way to support the Mama and Papa’s.

So yes its weird. No place like it. And the strange thing about this place is it’s magnetic vortex-like grasp on you. I’ve tried moving away three times and always…always, always come back. And so does everyone else.



  1. Your town sounds insane.

    Also, I understand mania, and thus understand why you’re trying to stick to one project at a time… And I am completely boggled that you have managed at all. I have, at any point, at least, say, 6-8 projects on various needles. I really ought to take an inventory of my current WIPs. That’s what Ravelry’s good at, actually, isn’t it? But I have projects for when I need calming, projects for when I’m hyper, project for…. I think I need my own blog post on this. 🙂

    • Yes! Ravelry is like a little piece of heaven for us hyper active organizer types. I love the queue, the projects list, and the endless search engines for patterns (thats mostly what I was referring to 😉 ). I think of Ravelry as the mighty motivator. I can look up a project I’m working on and see other people who have finished the same item. I love tracking progress and even better clicking “finished”.

      My town is insane.Once you’re here for any time longer than six months it’s super normal. Thus making you weird.

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