Anticipation: Cotton

Thanks to Anastasia‘s anniversary give away I am looking for a somewhat challenging project. It is 2 skeins of FibraNatura Cottonwood 100% Cotton in a light green. I currently have some blue and I will see if it’s similar enough to use in the same project when I get the prize yarn.

Here are links to the patterns I’m considering! Any input would be great if you’ve had experience using cotton. My experience stops at….washcloths.

Baby Kimono 

Summer top

Easy Breezy Summer Skirt – this would be made to fit an adult. 

So many decisions. 

Also….I finished that other project that I cant talk about!!! You’ll see Pictures soon!





  1. I haven’t used cotton for anything larger than dishcloths either, but I have read that it stretches out of shape easily and doesn’t snap back until its washed and dried. On the Knit Picks site there are tutorials for many different projects. The sweater tutorial says to wash and dry a swatch and then hang it up dry with some weight on the end (a few clothes pins for example) for a day or two to see how much it’s going to stretch out when worn. That might not matter so much for the top you have listed though, since it is loose anyway.

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