Drunk knitting thoughts & Samosa Soup

Screw you kf&b with super bulky yarn…..Just screw you. Pf&b i’m not very happy with you either so dont look so smug.

The worst thing ever happened to me last night…k1,p1 on size 4’s with worsted weight….worse than labor. Okay. Maybe not THAT bad….

No one told me I’d feel like a 90 year old woman when I knit. Not because I’m knitting per say more because my knuckles and joints feel like death after a solid session of k2, p2. I hate ribbing. 

Also. Drunk + knitting = likely dropped stitches or lost dpn…..yeah. Fours are small! Get of ma’ back!

Disclaimer: Drink responsibly. I do not condone underage drinking. Its just not cool. …also….Knit responsibly. Know when the needles are too small for the amount of wine you’ve consumed. Put them down and walk away. 


Mmm’mmm. Yup that disgusting looking mash up there is a little baby birthed in the creative test kitchen of your’s truly. Name on birth certificate? Samosa Soup. I meant to get pictures of it when it was completed in the soup pan but you see….it was so good that I forgot to get a picture of it ’till all that was left was one measly spoonful. And now, thats gone too. Want the recipe? Sure. Enjoy! I call this genre of cooking American Autumn Indian Fusion. Figure that out.

1 can Campbell’s Butternut Squash Soup

Frozen peas

1 cup of chicken stock

1/2 cup – 1 cup of Motts Applesauce

2 Potatoes Cubed into 1/4-1/2 inch pieces

Curry powder to taste

Seasoned Salt (Salt and pepper will work fine) to taste

In Medium sauce pan over med-low heat pour in soup, stock, apple sauce and potatoes. Stir occasionally careful to not burn to pan. Once the potatoes are soft enough mash a few times with a masher to thicken the soup. Pour in frozen peas. I’d add 2 tsp of curry powder then stir in then taste and add more if you need a stronger kick to balance the sweetness from the apple sauce. Salt to taste. 

I suggest serving with a flaky bread or biscuit to give you that samosa texture…though I had it with out and now its gone and I didnt give two turds that I didnt have the bread. 

Let me know if you try this! I want to know what you think! I’m obsessed and will likely make it again this weekend! God it was good…….sigh. Its gone 😦



  1. I would like to say, talking about being drunk, then showing that particularly unappealing photo of the Samosa Soup, was not your best idea. 🙂 But I like the rest of your post.

    I’m a new blogger here, too, looking not just to build a following, but looking for people to follow! Yay for knitting blogs! Good luck to you! I’ll be reading….

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