P’s preventing productivity

If you are like me you have the drive and idea power to get anything done. You have all the tools you need. You have the materials. Therefor you are prepared to start.  Sometimes however that start up energy gets….postponed. Lets examine some “P’s” that hold me, and maybe you, back and try to see if we can come up with some idea’s to overcome these problems.

Profuse Patterns – God. I love the internet. It’s become my life blood. I’m not proud of it but its true. Then interwebs, as my friend Tom Tom calls it, has endless knowledge and misinformation. What I’ve found since I’ve started knitting in the beginning of December is that people love love love to share patterns. For FREE!  Thousands of variations of a scarf exist. Yes your standard stockinette scarf has about 12,384 variations. There are too many choices. I spend more time looking at patterns than actually knitting. Its craziness.

Pestering, Pulling, and Pooping Priority Pirates – Yup I’ve got ’em, you probably do too..or maybe not. Kiddos or Time Pirates. The ultimate time consumer. I can knit maaayyyyybeeee 4 stitches before my 1 1/2 year old or my 5 year old come to my lap needing a snack, a drink, a diaper change, “come look at my awesome lego tower” (which looks the same as it did 5 minutes previous….), read a board book, change a diaper, or just plain old prevention from constant unintentional suicide….Yup squirrels and babies….suicidal. Constantly.

Pondering Pigments and Price – As if choosing patterns isn’t enough…there are a variety of pretty pigments to choose from. Andy while we are “pondering pigments” let us ponder on the price of quality fibers and yarns. Man oh man…I just want to make a nice piece with some quality yarn and not have to not be able to pay the electric bill. So its lion brand and lambs pride and what not for me…God bless Hobby Lobby and Michael’s….love/hate relationship with “The Man”. There must be a way around this.

Purling – I hate purling. I learned the knit stitch first. I’m just not as fast at purling as I am knitting. Purling while a stitch prevents productiveness.

Passionate Partners – Regardless of your sexual orientation and tastes this is also likely an obstacle. So hard to give full attention to your significant other while knitting. Again “Just let me finish this row” becomes a commonly heard mantra after kiddo bed time as well as before bedtime.

Pub Possie and Puny Pals – Friends! not every one is as knit crazy and I am. I have to face the music. Hell On my friend’s birthday she said “No knitting on my birthday!” So how can I spend all my time knitting if I want to go rip it up at karaoke night at the bar or just plain old hanging out with my hilarious harlots…..

Precious Pets – Cats, Yarn, Claws. That is all.

Peckish Pangs – You have to eat! As inconvenient as it is you do have to break for lunch. If you do not break you will have low blood sugar and remember those pirates, pals, and partners you’ve been neglecting? yeah, they arent going to take it too well when you snap at them because you didnt have that planned ham sandwich. Just sayin’.

Pumpkins, Pilates, Painting, and Paragliding – Other hobbies. Do knitters just abandon all other endeavors? I dont particularly enjoy yoga or painting or paragliding but I do love to garden and warmer weather, while feeling far away, is going to come. What do I do then? Gardening takes up lots of time….But can I even put down the needles? I dont know. I think that they may become fused to my skin like that lady who sat on the toilet seat for months and the toilet seat…yep….fused to her heiny. I dont want to be that lady!!

Posting and Promoting – I’m here now I’m posting. I promoting on FB, I’m hashtaging on twitter and soon…ravelry. I’m not sure why I’m taking knitting by storm but it just feel right. This all takes time.

So, you experienced knitters out there…some feed back would be appreciated. I say sell the kids, hook up some tube feeding, a urinary catheter and a colostomy bag, alienate your friends and while you are selling your kids…sell your pets….Not ideal, but hey, a knitting fanatic can day dream, right?


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