Help me get rid of my yarn….

So here we are after the holidays and the new year has begun. We all survived the Mayan calendar ending and lets not forget Y2K…So you’re all still working and living life as before. Glad to hear it!

So since we are moving on with our lives I’d like to get rid of the yarn I currently have to be able to buy new yarn for sellable projects! I have some great patterns planned out!

Here is the yarn I have left.



The top left three are 100% wool. The top 2 on the right are cotton. The bottom on left of the box is acrylic wool blend and to the right is black and red 100% acrylic. in the box is an assortment of left overs.

I will give 10% off of any project. I can do fingerless gauntlets, a gnomey gourd hat, a holy cowl, cotton washcloths, a slouchy hat. Always looking for suggestions! This discount will go quick so get a hold of me at ASAP!


DSC00588 DSC00590

Slouchy hat

See previous post for other designs!



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