Fire starters

I’d like to think of myself as fire place savvy, but lets face it, sometimes no matter how much intention I put into starting my fire…it just wont start…I came across a super easy idea for fire starters. You have most of the materials in your house right now.

This is pretty basic. You need the following:

Wax. I used ends of candles or run off from candles.


Dryer lint.


Cardboard egg cartons. I didnt have any at the time so I used cardboard packaging from a humidifier we bought recently. If you use something bigger than egg cartons like I did just cut the edges to make it easier to break up later for use.DSC00191


First stuff the cardboard with the dryer lint.


While you are doing that melt wax in a double boiler or if you dont have a double boiler just a pot would be fine. Make sure you stir often if you dont have a double boiler.



Once the wax is melted pour it over the dryer lint



They work awesome. Granted the fire was already started in the picture below…I couldnt resist trying it out. Check it!





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