Create – Fingerless glove

1/2 skein

1/2 skein



Fingerless gloves. A breeze to make. I will make you a pair for a super modest price. Here is what you need to do if you want a pair. You have a choice between hand length, 1/2 length, 3/4 length, up to elbow length.

Email ( ) me the following information:


Tell me the length glove you want.

Send me measurements – Depending on which length you want you will need to  measure around your wrist, 1/2 arm, 3/4 arm, or just before the elbow (pictured above). I will need the measurement around your hand at the knuckles just below the fingers (pictured above) for all lengths. And finally the length from the knuckle line to the line of length to ensure that the glove will be the length you want it! In the end you will send me three measurements.

If you want a specific color palette make sure you include that or if you want a solid color, or if you want a surprise color.

The prices are for pairs:

Hand: $12

1/2 sleeve: $15

3/4 sleeve:  $20

full sleeve: $25

If you arent local and you want me to ship them to you there will be a $3 shipping fee.

If you would like a mitt flap added, please indicate that you do and add $5 to he cost and shipping (if applicable)

I will make the gloves once payment has been received. Checks payable to Melody Washkevich or use the Buy Gloves Now! button on the right side of the page, and enter the total amount at the paypal page.



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